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Three of our juiciest, most delicious pear varieties: green D'anjou pears*, an easy-to-eat, subtly sweet and versatile pear - excellent for snacking, roasting, grilling or sliced up fresh in salads; Beurre Bosc, known for its baking qualities as well as its gorgeous russeting; and red D'anjou pears - the best of both worlds. 

*Our green pears change seasonally! Starting during summer time when we begin harvesting our orchards, you'll begin seeing novel varieties of green pears in your box! From early Bartletts (filled with excellent flavor and sweetness - perfect for a variety of uses) to our Comice pears available in November and December - creamy and tender dessert pairs that are meant to be eaten out of hand.

Gift Contents
  • 3 Taylors Gold Pears
  • 3 Comice Pears
  • 3 Red Comice Pears

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