the fruitfully story

From our farms, to your homes

A family dedicated to growing the finest fruit becomes a company of dedicated people determined to bring you the finest gifts.

Get to know us.

Fresh fruit is our family tradition. Since the 1850s, the Wilson family has been growing fresh fruit in the Central Valley of California. 

At Fruitfully, we honor the family tradition by selecting the best-of-harvest fruits picked from our own orchards & grower-partners, and artfully arrange them into thoughtfully designed gifts that are carefully curated to be the ultimate in healthy, fresh, and fun gifting.

We hope that you can feel the love and care that goes into making each of our gifts.  They are thoughtfully designed with our favorite fresh fruits, farmstead cheeses, and delicious snacks–and meant to nourish and delight your eyes & your taste buds. So, gather with your nearest and dearest (or don’t share at all…no judgment!) and enjoy.  We hope you love it as much as we do.